Miami Beach

Miami Beach
  • Miami Beach, FL
  • $120,000 – $80,000,000
  • 500 – 100,000 sqft

Miami Beach


Miami Beach is a captivating tale that begins with the modest purchase of land by Henry and Charles Lum in 1870, securing acres of pristine oceanfront properties in Miami Beach for a mere 75 cents each. The first notable structure to grace this untamed coastline was the Biscayne House of Refuge in 1876, an establishment dedicated to offering aid to mariners shipwrecked along these treacherous shores. Yet, as time flowed, this noble institution faded into disuse, succumbing to the ferocious might of the 1926 Miami Hurricane, which erased its presence from the landscape.

The late 19th century witnessed audacious endeavors by New Jersey entrepreneurs who aspired to cultivate a coconut plantation on these sandy shores, but their ambition met with bitter failure. It was John S. Collins, an enterprising agriculturist and forebearer to the Miami Beach real estate for sale market, who discovered the key to prosperity in the region through the cultivation of diverse crops, most notably avocados. Nevertheless, it was the dawn of the 20th century that truly ignited the transformation of Miami Beach, a metamorphosis orchestrated by the collaborative efforts of the Collins/Pancoast family, the visionary Lummus brothers, and the indefatigable entrepreneur Carl G. Fisher. Together, they embarked on an ambitious endeavor to mold this land, clearing its wild terrain, and enticing tourists and Miami Beach property investors to its inviting shores.

In this transformative era, Fisher played a pivotal role by orchestrating the financing of the world's longest wooden bridge at that time, ingeniously connecting the island to the mainland. This monumental achievement ushered in Miami Beach's inaugural real estate boom, and by 1915, the island boasted a burgeoning array of Miami Beach luxury condos, hotels, bathhouses, an aquarium, and even a golf course. The Town of Miami Beach, with its promising real estate listings, was formally chartered in 1915, eventually growing into a fully-fledged city in 1917. This rich history lays the foundation for the Miami Beach we know today, a vibrant and iconic destination on Florida's coast that offers a plethora of historic homes in Miami Beach and modern architectural marvels.

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