Surf House

  • 8995 Collins Ave
    Surfside, FL 33154

Surf House

A New Construction Project

The latest addition to Surfside's upscale homes, Surf House, emerges as the newest gem within The Surf Club's heavenly haven. This oceanfront property, gracing a sublime stretch of the Atlantic coastline, boasts an impressive 1,350 linear feet of unspoiled beachfront real estate. Jerome Engelking's architectural genius has unveiled Surf House, an intimately scaled luxury condo masterpiece with a European design featuring only 17 exclusive units. Its design celebrates generous proportions and intricate details, truly symbolizing the pinnacle of Miami-Dade luxury residences.


Inside Surf House, the artistic vision of Fabrizio Casiraghi comes alive, manifesting interiors bathed in a symphony of the finest materials – wood, stone, and glass. These elements are meticulously chosen to resonate with the architecture's gentle curves, highlighting the exclusive listings available. The serene interiors, complemented by expansive ocean vistas, craft an oasis of tranquility and exclusivity, giving residents an unparalleled experience of splendor along the magnificent Atlantic coastline.


Surf House, an epitome of Surfside coastal real estate, stands as a retreat from the ordinary—a sanctuary of refined living where nature's beauty blends seamlessly with design artistry. Here, the ocean's gentle waves offer a soothing backdrop to an elegant coastal lifestyle. Every detail, reflecting the essence of beachfront condos in Surfside, FL, has been intricately fashioned to provide an unmatched living experience.


Situated at 8995 Collins Ave, Surf House is prominently positioned in Surfside, Florida—a prime spot for real estate investment in Surf Club. Nestled along Collins Avenue, a major thoroughfare parallel to the ocean in Miami-Dade County, its location is unmatched. Surfside, a coastal gem in the Miami metropolitan area, is celebrated for its pristine beaches, close proximity to premier shopping districts, dining options, and embodies the charm of historic Surf Club real estate.

The Parapar Group

For those interested in learning more or making inquiries about Surf House, Seaway At Surf Club Residences or The Surf Club , they can reach out to The Parapar Group at 305-778-6933. 

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