Seaway at Surf Club Residences

  • 9149 Collins Ave
    Surfside, FL 33154

Seaway at Surf Club Residence


The Seaway at Surf Club Residence, a prominent example of Surfside coastal real estate, is nestled at the northern end of The Surf Club, embodying a harmonious fusion of architectural mastery and nature's tranquility. Deeply rooted in an appreciation for the landscape's timeless beauty, this oceanfront property was conceived by the renowned architect Joseph Dirand. Celebrated for melding classic European modernism with contemporary flair, Seaway stands as a testament to luxury condo living that respects the area's rich historic Surf Club real estate heritage. Within its boutique collection, each of the 34 residences amplifies Dirand's dedication to aesthetics, comfort, and functionality, presenting a unique blend of luxury and homely comfort, making it a prime choice for real estate investment in Surf Club.


Ensuring a pinnacle of Surfside luxury living, Seaway Residences are impeccably serviced by the globally acclaimed Four Seasons brand. This prestigious association guarantees unparalleled quality and opens doors to a treasure trove of high-end amenities that epitomize opulence. A dedicated concierge, world-class facilities, and the promise of beachfront condo living cocoon residents in luxury. Its proximity to The Surf Club magnifies the allure, providing an extended suite of amenities just footsteps away. The meticulously sculpted ocean-view terraces further illustrate the residence's dedication to harmonizing nature's serenity with human-engineered luxury.


Prominently positioned as a highlight in Surfside's upscale homes, the Seaway residences offer more than just a home—they curate a lifestyle. With breathtaking, uninterrupted ocean vistas, residents are immersed in the region's natural allure. Each residence, accentuated by its ocean-view terrace, delivers mesmerizing expanses of the ocean, daily serenading inhabitants with nature's peace. Complementing this, the masterful landscaping enveloping the residences, crafted by the renowned Belgian landscape designer Peter Wirtz, fashions a serene natural oasis. This environment perfectly blends the architectural artistry with the verdant surrounds, emphasizing the charm of luxury condos in Surfside, FL.

The Parapar Group

For those interested in learning more or making inquiries about Surf House, Seaway At Surf Club Residences or The Surf Club , they can reach out to The Parapar Group at 305-778-6933.

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