La Baia North

Bay Harbor
  • 9481 E Bay Harbor Drive
    Bay Harbor, FL 33154
  • $1,300,000 – $3,050,000
  • 1,400 – 2,100 sqft

La Baia North


La Baia North Residences, a boutique condominium community in the Bay Harbor Islands, Florida, stands as a testament to the evolution of luxury living in this exclusive enclave. this community has redefined the landscape with its modern vision. Established as the second ultra-luxury project by New York-based developer Ian Bruce Eichner, La Baia North Residences builds on a legacy of excellence. The historical narrative of this condominium is woven into its contemporary design, reflecting a commitment to providing residents with an unparalleled lifestyle experience. From its inception, La Baia North has embodied a fusion of visionary development and a dedication to redefining the standard of luxury living in Bay Harbor Islands.


La Baia North Residences sets itself apart with a distinctive blend of luxury and convenience. With 68 units in total and residences starting at $810,000, La Baia North Residences offers an exclusive opportunity for those seeking a harmonious blend of sophistication and comfort. Ranging from two to four bedrooms, the community showcases a sleek and contemporary architectural style, a hallmark of modern design sensibilities. Notably, La Baia North is designed to be inclusive, featuring a wheelchair-accessible entrance and parking lot, ensuring every resident enjoys accessibility and ease of mobility. The resort-style amenities add an extra layer of indulgence to daily life, creating a living experience that transcends the ordinary. Residents can bask in the panoramic views that encapsulate the scenic beauty of Bay Harbor Islands, offering a retreat into the lap of luxury.


Strategically positioned at 9481 East Bay Harbor Drive, La Baia North Residences enjoys a prime location in the Bay Harbor Islands. This exclusive enclave provides a backdrop for the luxury lifestyle that defines the community. The location not only provides easy access to the vibrant energy of Bay Harbor Islands but also positions residents to revel in the opulence of a community that reflects the vision of Ian Bruce Eichner, a developer synonymous with ultra-luxury living.

The Parapar Group

For those interested in learning more or making inquiries about La Baia North, they can reach out to the provided contact number: 305-778-6933.

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