Seaside Terrace

  • 9241 Collins Ave
    Surfside, FL 33154
  • $350,000 – $625,000
  • 650 – 1,100 sqft

Seaside Terrace Condominium

Historic Legacy and Contemporary Concerns

The Miami-Dade County Commission's recent decision to overturn the historic designation of Seaside Terrace Condominium, located at 9241 Collins Avenue in Surfside, has sparked a significant debate with implications for various stakeholders. With a rich history and an iconic presence, Seaside Terrace has stood as a symbol of Surfside's heritage. However, this decision, contrary to the recommendation of the Office of Historic Preservation, aligns with the majority of condo owners who argue that the historic designation has affected their property values and hindered unit sales.

Commissioner Sally Heyman, a proponent of the appeal, pointed out the challenges faced by historic properties in meeting current building code requirements, especially related to storm-resistant windows and the aging electrical and plumbing systems. She also highlighted the issue of rising insurance rates for condo owners due to the deteriorating condition of these structures. In contrast, Kathleen Kaufmann, chief of the Office of Historic Preservation, countered that historic preservation designations typically did not impose restrictions on interior aspects like plumbing or electrical wiring. She argued that rather than decreasing property values, historic designation often enhanced the value of such structures.

This decision underscores the ongoing debate between property owners' interests, preservation efforts, and economic considerations within Miami-Dade County's historic landscape.


Seaside Terrace, a highlight among Surfside FL condo listings, situated at 9241 Collins Ave in Surfside, Florida, stands as a distinguished 3-story building in this peaceful coastal enclave. Perfect for those seeking luxury condos Surfside Beach offerings, it's nestled strategically between Miami Beach and Bal Harbour. Being a sought-after destination for those keen on oceanfront condos Surfside FL, Seaside Terrace, with its proximity to renowned locations, underscores why many top real estate agents in Surfside FL consider it an attractive investment and residence opportunity.

The Latest Property Transaction at Seaside Terrace

9241 Collins Ave #1 - A Closing on 8/28/23 for $475,000, Listed at $685,000 as Per MLS Records

The Parapar Group

For those seeking more information or wishing to make inquiries about Seaside Terrace, a dedicated contact number, 305-778-6933, has been provided.

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