8777 Collins

  • 8777 Collins Ave
    Surfside, FL 33154
  • 4,000 – 15,000 sqft

8777 Collins


Surfside’s skyline is set to be forever transformed as DAMAC Properties introduces the collaborative masterpiece with Zaha Hadid Architects at 8777 Collins Avenue. This luxury condominium, shaped by the visionary touch of ZHA, seamlessly blends innovative aesthetics with function. The undulating facade, reminiscent of the rhythmic waves of the ocean, pays homage to Miami's coastal beauty, making a groundbreaking addition to the city's skyline. As DAMAC Properties, a symbol of luxury and sophistication, brings this architectural marvel to life, residents can anticipate a living experience that mirrors the dynamic energy of Miami.


The luxury condo, split into two distinct structures, offers an array of exclusive amenities designed for modern opulence. One of its signature features is the glass-bottomed swimming pool, elegantly suspended atop the buildings. This daring design allows residents to swim between the structures, adding an element of thrill to their daily routine. Beyond this, each of the 12 floors across both buildings houses a range of residences, varying from a generous 4,000 sq ft to an extravagant 15,000 sq ft. Each unit is meticulously designed to maximize panoramic views, natural illumination, and the integration of indoor-outdoor living spaces. The luxury doesn't end indoors; a majestic 100-foot rooftop pool offers unparalleled views of Downtown Miami, complemented by a 75-foot dedicated indoor exercise pool, ensuring residents experience luxury at every turn.


Strategically situated at 8777 Collins Avenue, Surfside, FL, the condominium's location is as enviable as its design. Nestled in the heart of Miami, residents are at the epicenter of a vibrant lifestyle, with the city's famed beaches, top-tier dining establishments, entertainment venues, and shopping districts just a stone's throw away. The building's proximity to the ocean not only offers breathtaking views but also allows residents to immerse themselves in Miami's coastal charm, making it an unparalleled residential choice for those seeking luxury in the midst of urban vitality.

The Parapar Group:

To inquire further or express interest in 8777 Collins, please contact The Parapar Group at 305-778-6933. The Parapar Group, experts in Miami real estate, is here to assist you in exploring this exquisite opportunity.

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