Monad Terrace

Miami Beach
  • 1300 Monad Ter
    Miami Beach, FL 33139
  • $12,500 – $7,950,000
  • 1,300 – 2,600 sqft

Monad Terrace


Nestled in the heart of Miami Beach, Monad Terrace stands as a beacon of modern architectural excellence. Crafted by the renowned Pritzker Prize-winning architect Jean Nouvel, its unique sawtooth profile promises residents sweeping views of both bay and sky, ensuring utmost privacy. The building's play on light and water evokes the ethereal charm of a luminous paper lantern or a glistening moon. A standout feature is its elevation, a pioneering 11.5 feet above current flood and sea levels, making it a forerunner in environmental resilience in Miami Beach. The captivating honeycomb facade, beyond its aesthetic allure, also serves as a vanguard for light control and privacy, creating an enchanting interplay of light within the residences.


Monad Terrace offers a harmonious blend of beauty and function. A serene approach leads to the bay, complemented by a 116-foot pool and sun deck. Residents enjoy 24-hour concierge services, poolside service, and valet parking. Additional amenities include a cafe and juice bar, residents' lounge, and storage for bicycles and water sports equipment, enhancing the lifestyle quotient. The residence's innovative construction standards ensure security, privacy, and a touch of luxury at every corner. The residence's signature "reflection machine" facade casts a mesmerizing glow, reminiscent of an illuminated paper lantern. This, combined with advanced construction techniques, ensures unparalleled privacy and safety.


Located at 1300 Monad Terrace, Miami Beach, Florida, its waterfront setting in the dynamic South Beach area guarantees residents panoramic views and easy access to the city's myriad attractions. Monad Terrace is not just a residence; it's a vision of future-forward luxury in Miami Beach.

The Parapar Group

For those interested in learning more or making inquiries about Monad Terrace, they can reach out to the provided contact number: 305-778-6933.

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